West Mesquite High School Band

West Mesquite HS Band Mission Statement

We, the devoted leaders of the West Mesquite Burnt Orange Band, a passionate and open minded family, believe in a respect for ourselves, each other and our organization.  We will strive for individual achievement to ensure the group's success.  Through responsibility and integrity we will accept constructive criticism to better ourselves and to develop life skills. We will move forward with honor and pride to present ourselves as one.

2016-2017 WMHS Band
Student Leadership Team

Drum Major- Isabel Silva
Drum Major- Aundre Williams

Flute Section Leader- Lawrencia Brown
Flute Section Leader- Abril Perez

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Section Leader- Daniel Barrera
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Section Leader- RuthMary Rocha

Saxophone Section Leader- DeMarcus Hamilton
Sax/Low Read Section Leader- Patricia Martinez

Trumpet Section Leader- Christian Castle
Trumpet Section Leader- Vanessa Rayes

Horn Section Leader- Leydy Sanchez

Trombone Section Leader- Alejandro Hernandez
Trombone Section Leader- Kenny Phan

Euphonium Section Leader- Emili Hogue

Tuba Section Leader- Natalie Baldazo

Drumline Section Leader- Oscar Castillo

Front Ensemble Section Leader- Ana Caballero

Color Guard Captain- Da'Monique Evans

Color Guard Captain- Emily Benet

Color Guard Captain- Andrea Gonzales